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1 month online celebration!
Published on 16-10-2018

Dear All Members,

To begin this brief announcement,

First of all let us thank all of you for supporting us. 

We have over 9000 registered members. 

This is a pretty impressive number, and it reflects the bright future of this project. 

To celebrate this big event of one month online, we are pleased to announce to you the launch of a big Promotion on Upgrade:

1-Upgrade your account to Pioneer Membership you will get free 10 RR.
2-Upgrade your account to Golden Membership you will get free 100 RR.
3-Upgrade your account to Diamond Membership you will get free 300 RR.
4-Upgrade your account to Ultimate Membership you will get free 500 RR.
5-Upgrade your account to Exclusive Membership you will get free 1000 RR.

Note: if want bonus as money on your purchase balance or converted to revenue share just contact support.

This is a short time promo. Starts from today and it will be expires soon.

We wish you a great and long stay.

QuestGpt Team.

Exclusive Membership Discount!
Published on 10-10-2018

Dear All Members

We receive daily support tickets asking discount for high membership.

So we gives a discount on Exclusive Membership up to 20%

Exclusive Membership Main Benefits:

- Direct Referral Click Value: $0.02
- Rented Referral Click Value: $0.02
- Maximum Direct Referrals Limit: 10000
- Maximum Rented Referrals Limit: 10000
- Rent time frame: 1 Day
- Maximum Referral Package: 500 RR (every day you can rent 500 RR)
- Withdrawal time frame: 1 day (instant cashout everyday)
- Referral Upgrade Commision: 20$ per referral upgrade
- Referral Purchase Commision: 20% per referral purchase
- Referrals Filter: Advanced+ (you get only active referrals)
- Max Revenue Share Positions: 1000
- QuestGrid Chances: 50 (+ high probability to win 5$ everyday)

As you see Exclusive Membership is the best choice on PTC Industry (the most high profitable Membership)

Remember this is a limited time offer.

Interested! Contact support or reply here

Wish you All The Best

QuestGpt Team.

Emoneyspace vote added!
Published on 08-10-2018

Dear all members,

QuestGpt Has been added to Emoneyspace.

Now it is time to support us and make us number 1 on the EMS list.

We have added the voting page's link as a Fixed ad on view ad page, so you can vote the website everyday.

You can also bookmark the following link on your browser and check it and vote everyday (every vote count).


Thanks for your support.

QuestGpt Admin.

Daily Forum Task Added Again!
Published on 08-10-2018

Dear All members

Many members contact Us to add again Daily Forum Task, and increase the bonus to 0.01$ like in the past,

So we added it and increased the value of bonus from 0.005$ to 0.01$.

Below are rules for forum posting to get bonus:

- Posting useless topics on forum may lead to the removal of the privilege of using the Forum.
- Kindly post on correct section (DAILY TASKS BONUS) already introduced or post on your country board.
- Posting using non-english language must be on Non-English Boards.
- Posting comments only with symbols (repetitive posts) and just Quote a long post is considered as a spam and member will be banned from our forum.

This time we will ban and delete every spam we see.

Anyone broke those rules will be banned.

Let's make our forum clean and organized.

Hope you all Understand this!

We wish you a great and long stay.

QuestGpt Team.

Daily Forum Task Has Been Removed!
Published on 30-09-2018

Dear All Members,

Daily Forum Task Has Been Removed from DAILY TASKS BONUS.

Price for DAILY TASKS BONUS has been decreased from $0.01 to $0.005.

To get the bonus you must just click 10 ads and 15 QuestGrid Views.

With all respect, many members are like a robots, despite that we have well warned them (in the previous post) to not post useless topics or replies.

Now you are not forced to post in the forum to get bonus but you lost 50% from your daily bonus because of this bad behavior.

Note: Do not spam QuestGpt Forum or you will be banned.
Banned mean you will not get payment from us in the future.
Post topic in the appropriate section.

Let's make our forum clean and organized.

Hope you all Understand this!

We wish you a great and long stay.

QuestGpt Team.